Our Professional Interpreters

Language Solution Global works with highly qualified, trained and tested professionals to
provide interpretation services in 300+ languages.
Language Solution Global is a non-profit social enterprise providing a full suite of language services in over 300 languages. One of Language Solution Global’ greatest strengths is its ability to provide reliable access to services in all languages, including languages of lesser diffusion. Our interpretation services include telephone interpretation (immediate and scheduled), face-to-face, message relay, conference interpretation (simultaneous and consecutive), remote simultaneous interpretation and video interpretation (immediate and scheduled) with live intake 24/7/365.
  • Proof of Interpreting Competence:
  • Successful completion of a certificate program (60-80 instructional hours) from MCIS or from a Community College Language Interpreter Training Program (LITP)
  • Post-secondary education in interpretation from a recognized institution
  • Proof of Linguistic Competence:
  • English language proficiency along with proficiency in another language Successful completion of the Interpreter Language Skills Assessment Tool (ILSAT) and/or the
  • Cultural Interpreter Language and Skills Assessment Tool (CILISAT)
  • Research and technical competence:
  • Demonstrated experience in the field
  • Certificates, diplomas, or other certificates of participation or completion of technical terminology trainings, seminars or workshops
  • Enhanced criminal background checks and vulnerable sector screening
  • Legal eligibility to work in Canada

Interpretation Services

Language Solution Global’ quality control measures such as key performance indicators and a thorough performance management program means that the customers can always expect consistent and reliable interpretation. Interpreters are prescribed specific responsibilities, are bound by the Interpreter Code of Ethics and sign professional service agreements when they begin working with Language Solution Global. A comprehensive feedback mechanism follows every service delivery instance and addresses your concerns if any should arise.

Language Solution Global is also certified under the National Standard Guide for Community Interpreting Services (NSGCIS) by AILIA – NSGCIS-AILIA #004 1P_10/12 and is audited every two years by Orion to ensure continued compliance. All our interpreters meet the qualification requirements under the Standard.

Our organization is very fortunate to have interpreters on our roster that hold additional credentials, such as the Ontario for Community Interpreters (OCCI) certified community interpreter, the Association for Translator and Interpreters of Ontario (ATIO) certification (Certified Community Interpreter), accreditation by the IRB and MAG, depending on their specialization.

Accessibility Services

Language Solution Global Language Solutions continuously strive to make sure all language and communication barriers are removed through the services we provide. We offer a range of solutions that can support your organization in ensuring your services are accessible and comply with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).

American Sign Language

Language Solution Global offers American Sign Language for the communication between English speakers and deaf, deafened, or hard of hearing persons that have learned to sign in ASL
Request Sign Language

Communication Access Realtime Translation

Language Solution Global offers American Sign Language for the communication between English speakers and deaf, deafened, or hard of hearing persons that have learned to sign in ASL
Request Sign Language

LSQ La langue des signes Québécoise

We also offer La langue des signes Québécoise for the communication between French speakers and deaf, deafened, or hard of hearing persons, that have learned to sign in LSQ.

Deaf Interpreting

Our company also provides deaf interpreting services. This service enables a deaf person to communicate with another deaf person who has limited communication skills or uses non-standard ASL gestures.

Braille translation

Language Solution Global offers Braille translations and printing services to help your organization produce print materials that are accessible to the visually impaired.

For accessibility services for people who are blind or partially sighted, please see accessibility services provided by our translation department here.

Interpretation portal

If you are set up to use our Interpretation Project Management portal, and have received a username and password, please send your request at our Interpretation project management portal: Interpreter Intelligence.

For training on using the interpretation portal, please visit the Interpreter Intelligence page for more information.

Otherwise, please use our web-based request form to enter your full contact information as well as request details.

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